Expert explained why Georgia will not have a new military conflict

  • Expert explained why Georgia will not have a new military conflict

Kyiv: The aggravation of relations between Russia and the US will not become an occasion for the deployment of a new military conflict in the territory of Georgia. This was in the comment of Front News International political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

"The visit of US Vice President Mike Pens to Georgia only a week ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to the occupied Abkhazia. But there is no likelihood of a resumption of the conflict between Russia and modern Georgia. Political conflict can be, military - no. The present leadership of Georgia is rather moderate, loyal, and gradually restores economic ties with Russia. But the demonstration of the geopolitical confrontation in the Caucasus certainly takes place. Today we see this on the example of the visits of Pens and Putin. Political confrontation will certainly continue. We see this also on the example of Georgia's intentions to go to NATO, "the expert added.

President Vladimir Putin will visit occupied Abkhazia on the day of the beginning of the Russian-Georgian war.

On Monday, July 31, US Vice President Mike Pence landed at the Shota Rustaveli Airport in Tbilisi. He met with representatives of the Georgian opposition.

Ex-chairman of the Georgian parliament and leader of the Movement for Creation David Usupashvili said in a comment to Front News International that the arrival of Vice President of the United States of America Mike Pens in Georgia is very timely and expresses support for the desire of the Georgian people to join NATO.

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