US imposed sanctions against Venezuelan officials

  • US imposed sanctions against Venezuelan officials

Washington: The United States imposed sanctions against 13 Venezuelan officials for undermining democracy in the country. Press service of the Ministry of Finance of the United States reported.

"The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury Department imposes sanctions against 13 former and current high-level officials of the Venezuelan government for undermining democracy in the country", - is said in the statement.

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said that sanctions will continue until the full restoration of democracy in Venezuela.

"As President Trump clearly said, the United States will not ignore the continued efforts of the Maduro regime to undermine democracy, freedom and the rule of law", - he said.

Mnuchin called for the abolition of the constituent assembly of the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela, aimed at making changes in the constitution.

"As our sanctions show, the United States stands for the interests of the Venezuelan people in their quest to restore democracy in the country. Any official elected because of the constituent assembly should know that his role in undermining democratic processes and institutions in Venezuela can expose him to potential US sanctions", - he said.

On the eve of Trump, Maduro threatened decisive economic measures, if he convened the meeting.

On Sunday, July 16, Venezuela held an unofficial referendum on changing the country's constitution. The opposition opposed the preparation for elections of new national Constituent Assignments, which the government of Nicolas Maduro wants to hold on July 30.

On the day of the referendum, Canadian Foreign Minister Christina Freeland also published a statement in support of the opposition referendum.

In protest of the policy of the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, mass anti-government demonstrations take place almost daily, during which more than 90 people died in Venezuela. Among the demands of the demonstrators is the early election of the new president of Venezuela, the full restoration of the rights of the parliament. On May 24, the president agreed to reconsider the Constitution, but Attorney General Louise Ortega Diaz questioned the democratic nature of the decision.

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