Expert: Liquidation of «Antonov» will not affect work of enterprises

  • Expert Liquidation of Antonov will not affect work of enterprises

Kyiv: The liquidation of the state concern «Antonov» will not affect the work of the enterprises that used to be part of it, because all of them were transferred to another state concern «Ukroboronprom». Such information about the disappearance of «Antonov» member of Public Council under the State Aviation Service and airman Bogdan Dolintse exclusively told to Front News International.

"«Antonov» was a merger of several enterprises: the 410 plant, «Antonov» state enterprise, Kharkiv aviation design bureau and the take-off base were transferred to «Ukroboronprom»  in 2015-16. Essentially, only a legal entity is liquidated, in which are essentially no enterprises", - said Dolintse.

He also explained that nothing changes for the enterprises, they are already part of the «Ukroboronprom» and are no longer associated with this legal entity. It was just a superstructure for combining these enterprises, because it was believed that in this way they would work better.

On Wednesday, July 19, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution on the liquidation of the state-owned aircraft construction concern «Antonov», which will be held within two months.

Starting from 2015, the enterprises were transferred to the «Ukroboronprom»  . Also, the Verkhovna Rada passed a law on the restructuring of the debt «Antonov», which was more than 1.2 billion hryvnia.

In particular, on May 11, the government changed the form of ownership of «Antonov».   

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