Republicans are working on a law on health – Trump

  • Republicans are working on a law on health Trump

Washington: US President Donald Trump today reported that the US Republican Party is working hard on the law on the cancellation of ObamaSare.

Trump also added that US Vice President Mike Pence is currently working on a draft law on the health of Americans and is doing everything to ensure that the Republicans voted for him.

On Tuesday, July 11, Trump called on the US Congress to consider a health law aimed at repealing and replacing the ObamaCare health care reform and health insurance.

The day before Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans might not adopt the ObamaCare repeal law.

Earlier it was reported that Senators of the Republican Party of the United States delayed voting for the bill, since six Republicans refused to vote for the bill in its current form, while for the successful passing of the law the party can lose only two votes.

The Congressional Budget Office analyzed the Senate bill. According to their data, less financial assistance in this bill compared with ObamaCare will make contributions inaccessible to many people with low incomes, which will result in that by 2018 uninsured Americans will be 15 million more.

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