Harvard created the first 51-qubit quantum computer

  • Harvard created the first 51-qubit quantum computer

Moscow: At Harvard, scientists from Russia and the United States created the world's first quantum computer, consisting of 51 qubits. This was reported by the professor of Harvard University, co-founder of the Russian quantum center Mikhail Lukin.

The scientist spoke about the sensational event during the presentation of the report at the International Conference on Quantum Technologies ICQT-2017, which is held under the auspices of the RCC in Moscow.

As reported by Russian and American scientists, a set of atoms that are kept inside special laser "cells", and cooled to extremely low temperatures, can be used as qubits of a quantum computer. He is able to maintain stability of work with a sufficiently wide set of conditions. This discovery allowed specialists to create for today the largest quantum computer from 51 qubits.

The computer has already proved its efficiency in practice, having solved several physical problems, which are extremely difficult to model with the help of "classical" supercomputers.

The Fourth International Conference on Quantum Technology is taking place in Moscow from 12 to 16 July. This meeting was attended by more than 100 experts from various fields of physics studying the boundaries of quantum technologies.

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