Last night in Hamburg, 77 protesters were detained

  • Last night in Hamburg 77 protesters were detained

Hamburg: Hamburg police detained 77 people during speeches against the G20 summit, which takes place in the city.

According to the police, 77 people were detained, of which 14 remained in custody, and another 63 were released on bail.

The protesters build barricades in the city, set fire to cars and attack shops.

According to unconfirmed information, the number of law enforcers injured increased to 213 people.

On the eve, in the port of Hamburg there was a protest action "Welcome to Hell" against the G20 summit, in which about 12 thousand anti-globalists took part.

The police use harsh measures to disperse protesters against the G20 summit in Hamburg. The police informs about the use of protesters Molotov cocktails and firearms. Including, they shot a police helicopter.

Yesterday, July 7, in Hamburg, the leaders of the G20 countries began their summit.

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