Tusk congratulates the new Prime Minister of Romania

  • Tusk congratulates the new Prime Minister of Romania

Brussels-Kyiv: European Council President Donald Tusk congratulated Mihai Tudose on his appointment as Prime Minister of Romania.

"On behalf of the European Council, I would like to congratulate you on your appointment as Prime Minister. I believe that your government will provide stability to Romania, which will contribute to the further development of your country and the European Union, and will continue to contribute constructively to the solution of common challenges. The rule of law and progress in the fight against corruption, in line with the high expectations of Romanian society and the values ​​of the EU, are crucial to ensuring that all Romanian citizens can take advantage of all the opportunities offered by membership in the Union, "Tusk said in an official letter to Tudos.

Also, Tusk wished success to the new Romanian government, headed by Mihai Tudose.

Two weeks ago, on June 15, all members of the government from the ruling coalition of Romania, consisting of the Social Democratic Party and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, resigned. Prime Minister Sorin Grindianu declined this decision.

A week later, on June 21, the Romanian Parliament passed a vote of no-confidence vote to the government, sending him to resign. "For" voted 241 deputies out of 387 present in the parliament hall.

Subsequently, on June 27, the new Prime Minister of Romania appointed former Minister of Economy Mihai Tudose. Two days later, the Romanian parliament adopted the new government.

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