Hackers attacked Ukrainian banks and strategic enterprises

  • Hackers attacked Ukrainian banks and strategic enterprises

Kyiv: Today, computer systems of some banks and energy enterprises have undergone a viral attack.

"The National Bank of Ukraine has warned banks and other financial sector participants about an external hacker attack by an unknown virus on several Ukrainian banks, as well as some enterprises of the commercial and public sectors, which is happening today. As a result of such cyber-attacks, these banks have difficulties with servicing clients and carrying out banking operations. Now in the financial sector, security measures and counteractions to hacker attacks by all participants of the financial market are strengthened, "the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine reported.

Relevant information was confirmed in Oschadbank, where due to hacker attacks, customer service was limited.

Also in the company "Nova Pochta" they spread a statement that they were attacked by the Petya.A virus.

"Due to the massive attack of the Petya.A virus on our information systems, the offices and the contact center New Mail are temporarily unable to serve customers. We are working hard to restore our work in the near future, "the New Mail reported.

In addition, there is information that cyberattacks have been fixed at the enterprises of Kyivenergo and Ukrenergo, because of which the site of Ukrenergo temporarily does not work.

The e-mail of British parliamentarians on June 24 came under cyberattack

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