The former UK prime minister is campaigning to discard Brexit

  • The former UK prime minister is campaigning to discard Brexit

Kyiv: Tony Blair, former British prime minister, said that MPs should refuse any option for the Brexit deal, as any of these deals will have a negative impact on the country.

Tony Blair remarked that "we are approaching Brexit's key moment: everyone in Parliament will be under great pressure to agree to a" smart agreement. "They should rely on it, since there is no" smart agreement ".

Blair believes that Brexit's negotiations avoid solving the most important controversial issues. And he called the plan "Shashek" agreed upon by the initiative of the Prime Minister of Theresa May.

British media believe that the words of the former prime minister sounded on the background of reports that the EU and London in the coming weeks can complete the agreement on the conditions of Brexit, and the vote in Parliament can take place before Christmas.

Earlier it was reported that the media noted that Teresa May, the prime minister of Great Britain, had still achieved from Brussels a plan that would allow her to keep Britain within the EU customs union, avoiding the appearance of a tough border in Northern Ireland.

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