The British are ready to confront Russian expansion, including through their own cyber forces

  • The British are ready to confront Russian expansion including through their own cyber forces

London: the UK is considering the possibility of committing cyber attacks against Moscow as a response to a possible aggression from Russia.

On Sunday, October 7, the newspaper The Sunday Times reports with reference to sources, symmetrical.

"The involvement of the cyber forces of the United Kingdom is likely if the Kremlin decides to seize the small islands of Estonia in order to verify NATO’s adherence to the article of its charter that an attack on one block country is an attack on the whole block," writes the publication.

Among the options, the newspaper also lists a possible "Russian invasion of Libya in order to establish control over oil reserves and provoke a new migration crisis in Europe", as well as "an attack of irregular Russian formations on British troops or a threat to new British aircraft carriers."

Britain does not have enough resources to counter the “Kremlin aggression” without using its Trident nuclear ballistic missiles. Therefore, representatives of the defense department of Great Britain decided to develop the cyber potential of the country so that, if necessary, be able to “turn off the light” in the Kremlin, The Sunday Times indicated.

This weekend, the British armed forces are conducting the largest military exercises in the last ten years: around 5.5 thousand troops will participate in maneuvers in Oman. They also involve 200 armored vehicles, six ships and eight aircraft. Partcularly in the exercises, they work out the conduct of cyber attacks and staged battles with the enemy, who allegedly use "Russian T-72 tanks", which are symbolically played by horse guards, the newspaper wrote.

Just yesterday, Bloomberg reported that the governments of Germany and the UK are considering the possibility of introducing new sanctions against Russia because of the massive hacker attacks, in which, according to Western countries, Russian special services are involved.

In late August, Assistant to the President of the United States on National Security John Bolton stated that the response to cyber attacks by foreigners and an attempt to intervene in the American elections by penetrating American computer systems should be symmetrical.

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