In Russia they decided to slightly soften the marasmus of the fight against extremism on the web

  • In Russia they decided to slightly soften the marasmus of the fight against extremism on the web

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted to the State Duma a bill on the partial decriminalization of Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on extremism.


The document is published on the website of the Duma.


“Changes are supposed to be made in the article“ Incitement of hatred or enmity, as well as humiliation of human dignity” of the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses. The amendments proposed by the President of the Russian Federation are aimed at humanization of criminal legislation,” the portal of the Russian legislators states.


In the current version of the Russian Criminal Code, the article reads as follows: “Actions aimed at inciting hatred or enmity, as well as at humiliating the dignity of a person or group of people based on gender, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude to religion, as well as belonging to “To a social group, committed publicly or using mass media or information and telecommunication networks, including the Internet.”


Actually, Putin’s changes are directed not so much at the interpretive part of the article containing the wording of the crime, but at a certain adjustment of measures of responsibility for such acts, which at the moment “are punished with a fine of from three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand rubles or in the amount of wages or other convict’s income for a period of two to three years, or forced labor for a period of one to four years with the deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years, or imprisonment for a term of two to five years. ”


Even Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said there were exaggerations in the application of the article, not a neutral “absurdity”, but an emotional-evaluative definition - This is “insanity”.

“Everything should have sanity and not insanity. It is caused by the fact that the law was drafted in such a way that citizens often do it without some malice, and do not give awareness of this "- quoted words Peskov liberal" Novaya Gazeta ", with reference to Interfax.


After the changes approved by the State Duma, responsibility for extremism on the Internet and mass media will occur only if this violation is committed more than once a year.


The punishment for the first violation of this article will be replaced by administrative “in order to exclude cases of criminal charges for acts committed once and do not pose a serious threat to the foundations of the constitutional system and the security of the state.”


Administrative punishment for extremism will provide for a fine in the amount of from ten thousand to 20 thousand rubles, mandatory work or arrest for 15 days.


As the head of Agora Pavel Chikov wrote in his telegram channel, the criminal cases after the adoption and entry into force of the amendments to the Criminal Code must be terminated and the sentences annulled.


“The statute of limitations for administrative responsibility is 1 year, that is, there will be no administrative procedure for the majority,” he specified. We are talking about the accused, the defendants and those convicted under Article 282.


Earlier, regional authorities ordered to report to the Prosecutor General’s Office about the initiation of criminal cases on the grounds of crimes of an extremist nature.


The same Novaya Gazeta reports on how people are cracked down in the outback for free-thinking on the Internet: “On September 17, the Lipetsk District Court sanctioned the compulsory psychiatric examination of Dmitry Pashinov, 44, a resident of Dobroye, an electromechanics by profession and a journalist by vocation, who regularly social networks chihvostil local authorities for abuse of official position, and even for frank crimes.


State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, immediately after posting Putin's initiatives on the State Duma portal, told the Russian public through parliamentary journalists that “the amendments to the Criminal Code and the Code on Administrative Offenses aimed at humanizing criminal law, introduced by the President, will be considered by the nearest Council State Duma on October 8.


What are the stated and true reasons for some relaxation of the fight against dissidents?


Olga Kurnosova, a Russian opposition politician, political émigré, who herself once suffered enough from the Russian authorities for street protest activity and for free-thought in the press, tells our publication about this .


FRONT NEWS INTERNATIONAL - Olga, before analyzing Putin's proposal to change the article of the Criminal Code, tell us about when it was actually introduced?


OLGA KURNOSOVA -The amendment to the Criminal Code regarding the article on extremism was carried out in July of the sign of 2014, and since that time prosecution has been used not only for opinions expressed in officially registered media, but also for posts on social networks on the Internet.


It came to the point of absurdity, when people began to imprison people not only for their own materials, but also for reposting other people's opinions and even for comments and “likes” to them.


Therefore, State Duma deputy from the Communist Party faction (!), Writer Sergei Shargunov, during the last straight line of telephone communication between Russians and Putin, proposed to somewhat decriminate the practice of using the article. Inspired by Putin’s promise to think about this problem, Shargunov put forward a corresponding bill, but it was rejected by the Duma. And now Putin is submitting his own draft law, which is less radical than Shargunovsky ...


Front News International -The New solid mirror of pension changes: “boyars – legislators” offered women one retirement age, the “wise king” slightly clogged this age. Here it is somewhat different: the writer proposes to completely abandon the criminal prosecution of network publicists, transferring responsibility to the area of ​​administrative law, and the head of state offers a compromise that satisfies conservatives: crime only comes after a relapse. Tell me, and why Putin needs it at all, if everything is controlled and yes, but he does not pay attention to western sanctions?


OK: - In Russia, the carrot and stick method is a common practice of rule. Besides, Putin has been lying a lot in his promises. Recall that he constantly talked about the pension reform mentioned by you: “The retirement age for Russians will not rise!” And yet, in the end, he decided to take this unpopular step. Now, however, it is necessary to somehow sweeten the pill, or rather, throw a bone to social activists who online criticize the same changes in the pension legislation.


Front News International -  We led the formulation of the article, but its interpretation is important in court practice. What is meant by extremism and hate speech? The question of the territorial affiliation of the Crimea or the emotional exclamation, “Oligarchs, bastards, fattening!” —Can this fall under this article?


OK: -Public doubts about the Soviet Crimea, from 2014 in Russia, may fall within the scope of the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation No. 280. 1 - «About public calls for action aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation." As for the notorious oligarchs, much will depend on whether the prosecution or the defense during the court debate considers them to a particular social group, but on the other hand, the prosecution may be based on the formulation “Hate speech against wealthy people”.


The cases that are more common for Russian judicial practice are, trying to fight against criticism of the authorities on the ground with the help of the same article 282, thus summarizing the legal grounds for protecting officials from criticism. True, by its special decision, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation nevertheless accepted an explanation that criticism of the authorities cannot be considered an element of inciting social hatred, but in the Russian suburbs for the criticism of the authorities very often attract people to justice.  


I noted that before my political emigration, when I was still living in St. Petersburg, in 2010 I released the analytical report “Matvienko. Results”- about the preliminary results of the St. Petersburg Governorate of Valentina Matvienko, which now, as you know, heads the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation. Then I also had certain “assaults”, but I managed to prove that with my analysis  and I only show the unresolved problems of the region to society.


Alexander Voronin, FNI


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