McFaul advocates the imposition of new sanctions against Russia

  • McFaul advocates the imposition of new sanctions against Russia

Kyiv: Former US Ambassador Michael McFaul advocates the introduction of new sanctions against Russia.

This was reported by the local media.

"The continuing illegal activity of the Russian Federation must meet new sanctions. For example, every day the support of Russia for a separatist war in the east of Ukraine should be understood as a new illegal act of Russia. Instead of just supporting sanctions imposed once in response to Russia's intervention in eastern Ukraine, US lawmakers should approve a timetable for strengthening sanctions if the Russian government continues its illegal activities, "the politician wrote in his blog.

According to McFaul, Russia in recent years has become the greatest threat to national sovereignty in the international arena. The politician remembered the invasion of the aggressor country on the territory of Georgia, its participation in military operations in Syria, the influence on the election of the president of America and attempts to poison the family of violators.

Michael McFaul called her foreign policy instruments abnormal, for which the country should be punished in the form of new sanctions.

Recall that Russian officials demand that Ukraine apologize to them and compensate for moral damage for what anti-Russian propagandists did under the embassy in Kyiv.

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