Japanese crypto-exchange was hacked. $60 million went to cybercriminals

  • Japanese crypto-exchange was hacked 60 million went to cybercriminals

Osaka: The cryptocurrency exchange with the license of the Japanese regulator Zaif became a victim of cybercriminals. 6.7 billion yen, it is about $60 million were stolen in the cryptocurrencies.

In this regard, the exchange paused deposits and withdrawal of assets by users. Representatives of Zaif announced the hacking only today, on 20th of September , although unusual outflows were seen since September, 14.

Tech Bureau, the company that owns the hacked crypto-platform, conducted its own investigation, during of which it became clear that the criminals received unauthorized access to the hot exchange`s wallets, so that they were able to steal about $60 million. in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and MonaCoin.

At the same time, the exchange reassures its users about the availability of funds in its reserve fund amounting to about 2.2 billion yen (or $20 million), also an agreement was reached with Fisco`s company on receiving investments of $44.5 million. in exchange for a significant share of ownership in a company.

Representatives of the Tech Bureau announced the application to the local authorities for further investigation, as they consider it a necessity, given the nature of unauthorized access to funds.

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