Zakharchenko's Funerals

  • Zakharchenkos Funerals

DONETSK (FNI) - The funeral of the head of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko, who died on Friday as a result of the explosion in the Donetsk cafe "Separ", will be held on September 2. This was reported by i.o. head of the "DNR" Dmitry Trapeznikov, writes "RIA Novosti."

"Funerals and farewell are planned for September 2," he said.

Trapeznikov also added that the farewell ceremony will take place in the building of the Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theater.

As the local media informs, in the "DNR" from September 1 they announced a three-day mourning.

"The days of mourning for the death of the head of the republic Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko were established by the decision of the Council of Ministers in the People's DNR. Mourning was announced on September 1, 2, 3, 2018," the DAN website reports.

beginning of the academic year is also postponed to September 4.

Temporary head of the "DNR" is Dmitry Trapeznikov. He was elected at an emergency meeting on Friday, August 31.

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