Junker: Transition Of Summer Time To EU To Be Canceled

  • Junker Transition Of Summer Time To EU To Be Canceled

KYIV (FNI) - According to the president of the Juncker Commission, the EU wants to stop confusion with changing time in the short term.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wants the EU to finally complete the transition from one time to another.

"At last, finish these transitions. Now that the overwhelming majority of citizens in the Union have spoken out for the abolition of the transition, this will be done. I will advertise the cancellation in the commission. Moreover, we will solve this today, "he said, referring to the current meeting of the Commission, the source said.

In the summer poll of the EU more than 80 percent voted to end the change of time.

Earlier it was reported that 80 percent voted for the abolition of the transition to winter or summer time. In addition, a slightly smaller number of respondents spoke in favor of living in summer, not winter time.

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