Greenland Evacuated Village Due To Approach Of Iceberg

  • Greenland Evacuated Village Due To Approach Of Iceberg

KYIV (FNI) - Inhabitants of the island village Innaarsoit in Greenland were evacuated because of the approach of a giant iceberg, which, it can be said, hangs over the houses.

Local authorities declared a state of emergency and instructed people to move higher up the steep slope on which the village is located, transferred to The Independent.

It is noted that the villagers are frightened by the fact that the iceberg, which is stuck at the bottom, will begin to melt and ice blocks will break off from it. And this can create waves that can flood people's homes.

According to the head of the Council of Innaarsuuit village Karl Petersen, there are 180 people living in the village. He noted that the situation is closely monitored by the emergency services of Greenland, and nearby is the ship of the Danish Navy.

Last summer in the northwest of Greenland, as a result of the flooding of another village, four people were killed.

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