EOS Community Fears Block.one's Influence On Network Decentralization

  • EOS Community Fears Blockones Influence On Network Decentralization

KYIV (FNI) - Startup Block.one plans to take part in voting for the block producers.

Block.one already controls 10% of the total emission of EOS tokens, Forklog reports.

Currently, none of the nodes has support over 3% of the 1 billion EOS. Since each token allows voting for 30 candidates, the company can potentially gain control over all the nodes. Therefore, the decision of the developers caused some concern in the community.

"I find it problematic that Block.one is now involved in the choice of block manufacturers, as this undermines their role as a neutral third party and provides them with a significant impact on the network," wrote user Arianna Simpson.

At the same time, the head of the EOS Canada community Joshua Kaufman said that voting will allow Block.one to resist the nodes, behind which there are only a few large holders of tokens.

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