In the Odessa region, 19 children were hospitalized, suspicion of hepatitis A

  • In the Odessa region 19 children were hospitalized suspicion of hepatitis A

Kyiv: A quarantine was announced at the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky orphanage. At least one child was confirmed Botkin's disease (hepatitis A). In the event that among hospitalized 19 pupils of a shelter from the Odessa region the diagnosis of hepatitis A is confirmed, then the regional SES apply to the police.

The first child, who complained of abdominal pain and high fever, was hospitalized in the infectious department as early as last Wednesday, May 31. By the end of the week, 18 children had been hospitalized with the same symptoms.

"Children are in a satisfactory state, there are no complaints, they are examined as contact for viral hepatitis," said Galina Lankina, a doctor in the infectious diseases department at the Belgorod-Dnistrovsky central district hospital.

Meanwhile, in the regional SES reported if the diagnosis is confirmed and other children - go to law enforcement for an investigation.

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