Annexed Crimea Airport Offers Flights to Mars, Venus and Star Wars' Coruscant

  • StarWarsCoruscantplanet

    Star Wars Coruscant planet

KYIV (FNI) -  In the annexed Crimean city of Simferopol has been opened a new "international" terminal of the local airport. You can fly out of it only to Russia but on the scoreboard appeared directions to the planets of the Solar system - Mars and Venus, as well as to the fictional planet Coruscant - the capital of the cosmic empire from the George Lucas movie universe of Star Wars.

The airport's electronic scoreboard shows flights of non-existent companies Venus Airlines, Star Lines and Cosmoflot, which allegedly depart for Venus, Mars and Coruscant.

For example, the flight Kosmoflot from Simferopol to Coruscant is scheduled for 14:30 on Monday. At the same time, there are no fantastic directions in the arrival table.

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