Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to refuse electricity from Russia

  • Estonia Latvia and Lithuania to refuse electricity from Russia

Kyiv - The Baltic countries will connect their energy networks to the European Union network through Poland in order to reduce energetical dependence on Russia. This was announced on Monday, May 8 by Prime Minister of Estonia Juri Ratas, Front News International reports.

"Four of us agreed to clarify the distribution (responsibilities - ed.) between the four countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland - ed.) until the end of the year," - said Ratas.

As the newspaper points out, Russia has never cut off electricity to the Baltic countries and did not even threaten to do so, but Lithuania regards the fact of energy dependence on Russia as one of the main national threats.

Since Soviet times, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia have been connected to the power system of the Russian Federation.

The Baltic countries planned to disconnect from the Russian network until 2025, but these plans were postponed because of a discussion about the way to connect to the European network: via Poland or an underwater electrical cable to Finland. Later, connections through Poland were recognized as the most economically viable.

It was reported that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were introducing additional measures of border control and building fences on their eastern borders.

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