German FM Urged to Encourage Russia by Lifting Sanctions

  • German FM Urged to Encourage Russia by Lifting Sanctions

BERLIN (FNI) - German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel advocates for the European Union to phase out sanctions against Russia in a long-term armistice in the East of Ukraine.


“If the Russian Federation is ready to do this, it must get something instead,” he said during a speech at the Eastern Committee of the German economy in Berlin.


He called the idea of ​​the abolition of all sanctions against Russia and one-hundred percent implementation of the Minsk agreements at the same time as “torn from reality”. Gabriel noted that sanctions were introduced in stages, and they should be abolished in the same way.


The European Union introduced economic sanctions against Russia due to its aggression in Ukraine in 2014; from March 2015, the possible lifting of sanctions depends on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements. It was expected that the process to be continued until the end of 2015. 

Since no significant progress in implementing the agreements was made, EU leaders have repeatedly taken decisions to extend sanctions for another six months. The last time - by the end of July of this year. The restrictions deals with financial, energy, defense sectors of the Russian economy, as well as dual-use goods. The limitation imposed on a number of individuals too.

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