Trump: The US Can Rreturn to Paris Climate Agreements

  • Trump The US Can Rreturn to Paris Climate Agreements

WASHINGTON (FNI) - President Donald Trump said that the US could ‘probably’ get back to the Paris Agreement 2015 if the deal will be more equitable to the US.

He said it was a ‘bad deal for the US,’ repeating the comments made after he announced the withdrawal of the US in June last year.

However, he added that the deal itself is not a problem for the US.

The exit will lead US to become the only country that will not take part in the deal. Announcement of the outcome has caused worldwide outrage.

Some critics have called it the rejection of the US leadership from a key global issue.

The Paris Climate Agreements were adopted on December 12, 2015, at the 21st UN Climate Conference.

This agreement provides that all countries will take commitments to reduce harmful emissions to the atmosphere, regardless of their degree of economic development.

The Agreement itself came into force on November 4, 2016. The main objective of this agreement is to reduce countries' greenhouse gas emissions and, thus, to stop the growth of the global average temperature.

To move from agreements to actions, the One Planet Summit to take place on Dec. 12, 2018, and identify both those working in the public and private sectors that can adopt innovations to support and accelerate efforts to combat climate change.

Syria and Nicaragua stated their intention to join the Paris Agreement this year, and the US, on the contrary, stated its withdrawal from it, thus becoming the only country not to join the Agreement.

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