Scandals about NABU, SAP and NAPK testify to imperfection of Ukrainian legislation - MP

  • Scandals about NABU SAP and NAPK testify to imperfection of Ukrainian legislation - MP

Kyiv: Scandals about the work of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office is evidence of the imperfection of the legislation. This confirms the lack of professionalism of the work of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Prevention of Corruption. For this reason, people's deputies decided to dismiss the head of the committee Yegor Sobolev.

Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense, People's Deputy of the "Petro Poroshenko Bloc" faction Ivan Vinnyk told about it on the sidelines of the parliament, the correspondent of Front News International reports.

"In Ukraine, there are numerous scandals in anti-corruption bodies. They are connected not only with the personality of individual leaders who head these departments. The question is that the Verkhovna Rada Anti-Corruption Committee today did not properly organize the work. For example, today in Ukraine there is no automatic system for checking the property status at the level of the electronic declaration system," Vinnyk said.

According to him, people's deputies discussed the imperfection of the system of electronic declaration of state officials a year and a half ago.

"My colleagues and I, when the electronic declaration system was just beginning, talked about its vulnerability, about the stolen funds. But we have NAPK. They could both find the stolen funds, and organize the proper work of this register," the deputy added.

Vinnik noted that the auditor of NABU has not yet been appointed in Ukraine.

"The question is not whether the auditor of the NABU is appointed today or not. After all, very few people know that two auditors have already been appointed to the NABU. We are talking only about the third, which the Verkhovna Rada should appoint. The issue is that in the current law on the National Anti-Corruption Bureau there are no audit criteria, there are no regulations for the decision by the three auditors. The audit report is important, because according to the law on the basis of the act the president can dismiss the head of the NABU. For this block of legislation, a committee for the prevention and combating of corruption is in place. In my opinion, this is evidence of the unprofessional work of its leader," he added.

On Thursday, December 7, the Verkhovna Rada dismissed People's Deputy of the Samopomich faction Yegor Sobolev from the post of head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on prevention and combating corruption in connection with the unsatisfactory work in this post.

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