Paradise Papers: 68 Ukrainians are founders of 57 offshore companies

  • Paradise Papers 68 Ukrainians are founders of 57 offshore companies

Kyiv: Paradise Papers documents 68 Ukrainians who are the founders of 57 offshore companies. This was reported by analysts from You Control.

"Based on the results of our analysis, 68 Ukrainians appear in the Paradise Papers. Among them 55 men and 13 women. With 57 offshore companies owned by Ukrainians, 27 are registered in the British Virgin Islands, 11 in Bermuda, 7 in the Republic of Malta, 4 in the Isle of Man, 3 in the Cayman Islands, 3 in the Seychelles, 1 in the United Kingdom and 1 in Jersey. Two-thirds of offshore Ukrainian founders with Paradise Papers are managers or owners of Ukrainian companies operating in the agrarian, financial-investment, pharmacological, transport, energy and IT sectors, "analysts said.

In the largest new investigative journalism investigation of British offshore empires, files from an offshore law firm have been published that show financial transactions between the Queen of Great Britain, large multinational corporations and members of the Cabinet of the US President Donald Trump. The world's largest companies, politicians, athletes, actors hid their wealth in "secret tax shelters." In total, there are 13.4 million files in the investigation, which constitute 1.4 TB of data, which reveal the global network of tax evasion.

According to Rachel Owens, chairman of the international anti-corruption public organization Global Witness, after the publication of investigative journalists of data on offshore companies in the British overseas territories, called Paradise Papers, the EU should insist that the UK open the registries of beneficiaries of companies.

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