Big move for China to send special envoy to North Korea - Trump

  • Big move for China to send special envoy to North Korea - Trump

Washington: US President Donald Trump called a "big move" the trip of the Chinese delegation to North Korea and expects that this will have certain results.

"China is sending envoy and a delegation to North Korea - a big move, we'll see what happens," Trump said.

President of the United States Donald Trump said that the policy towards North Korea, which Washington adhered to for 25 years, did not work.

On the morning of October 1, North Korea issued an official statement stating that it would turn the US into a "sea of ​​fire". With such a threat, the DPRK responded to the expansion of sanctions by the US. This time they touched on international banks and companies that lost the opportunity to conduct business in North Korea.

On Friday, September 15, North Korea conducted the fifth launch of a ballistic missile in two weeks. The rocket was fired to the east of Pyongyang's capital. It is reported that the rocket again flew over Japan, but local authorities did not try to bring it down. In the US they urged China and Russia to take measures in response to the launch of the DPRK missile. On Tuesday, September 19, Trump delivered a speech at a meeting of the UN General Assembly, during which he recalled threats to sovereignty and the possibility of destroying North Korea.

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