Prime Minister of Hungary blackmails Ukraine by law "On Education" again

  • Prime Minister of Hungary blackmails Ukraine by law On Education again

Budapest: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban once again stressed that the government of the state will in every possible way resist Ukraine's Eurointegration, unless the Law of Ukraine "On Education" is changed.

"The only thing we insist on is that Ukraine cannot move towards the European Union as long as it restricts the rights of its minorities. This is not possible. This not only infringes on the rights of Hungarian minorities, but also significantly affects minority rights of several member states EU, as well as non-EU countries, although we naturally support Ukraine, it is important to make it clear that on all issues that negatively affect Hungarian communities or minority groups living in Ukraine, we will, if necessary, resolve the problem and even resist the Ukrainian government our Ukrainian friends should understand that our cooperation has a cultural background, and we respectfully ask them to comply with these preconditions, "-. Orban said.

On Tuesday, October 10, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary announced that they would reconsider the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union because of the new law on education recently adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto said that the law violates the terms of the association. He also said that Hungary will in every possible way block Ukraine in the European Union.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a new law "On Education" on September 5. For national minorities, it provides for education in their native language only in kindergarten and primary school. However, further education will occur in the state language, and the native language of national minorities will begin to be studied as a foreign language.

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