Russia's actions threaten international order - May

  • Russias actions threaten international order - May

London: British Prime Minister Teresa May, speaking at the banquet of the Lord Mayor of the London City district, sharply criticized Russia's actions in the international arena.

"It is Russia's actions that threaten the international order from which we all depend. I want to clearly explain the scope and nature of these actions. The illegal joining of Crimea to Russia was for the first time after World War II, when one sovereign state forcibly took the territory of another in Europe. Since then, Russia has threatened a conflict in the Donbas, repeatedly violated the national airspace of several European countries and established a steady campaign of cyber espionage and interventions. Therefore, I have a simple message for Russia. We know what you are doing. And you will not succeed. Because you underestimate the stability of our democracies, the long-term involvement of free and open societies and the commitment of Western nations to alliances that connect us, "May said.

The British prime minister also noted that it is precisely because of Russia's actions that NATO is being reformed, that Ukraine's support is becoming more active, and that cybersecurity is becoming stronger. However, she said that the country does not want to return to the times of the Cold War and is constantly looking for ways to dialogue with Russia.

"We know that a strong and prosperous Russia that plays by the rules will be in the interests of both the United Kingdom, Europe and the world. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, Russia has the right and responsibility to play an important role in promoting international stability. Russia can and, I hope, one day will choose this other way. But while Russia does not do this, we will act together to protect our interests and the international order on which they depend, "May said.

In late September, British Prime Minister Teresa May said that as Russia continues to aggression, the threat to NATO is growing, so there is a need to respond to this.

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