Today is World Smile Day

  • Today is World Smile Day

Kyiv: Every year on the first Friday of October, the entire international community celebrates World Smile Day.

In different countries, this day is celebrated in a creative way: there have been attempts to break the record for creating the biggest human smile or preparing dishes for those who need a smiley face.

Its founder Harvey Bell decided to create this holiday in 1999, so that his invention was not only commercial, but turned into a national symbol of a good mood and a smile.

The motto of the holiday was the phrase: "Do a good deed. Help at least one-person smile. " A sponsor since 2001 was the organization World Smile Foundation.

The history of the smiley began in 1963, when the State Mutual Life Assurance Company of America asked Bella to come up with a bright symbol - the company's business card. The success of this badge surpassed all expectations. Subsequently, the person with a smile began to appear on T-shirts, envelopes, matchboxes and other things.

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