Prime Minister of Belgium condemned violence during referendum in Catalonia

  • Prime Minister of Belgium condemned violence during referendum in Catalonia

Brussels: Belgium's Prime Minister Charles Michel resolutely condemned violence by law enforcement during the referendum in Catalonia for independence from Spain and called on the parties to a dialogue.

"Violence will never be the answer! We condemn all forms of violence and reaffirm our call for political dialogue, "he said.

Today, on October 1, the Catalan authorities are holding a referendum on independence from Madrid.

The police used rubber bullets and special means against the voters, and also by force draws residents from polling stations, using physical force. According to the Catalan Government, 337 people were injured and injured. On the part of the police, 11 law enforcement officers were injured.

In turn, the president of the Government of the Catalonia region Carles Puigdemont said that the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Spain are using violence against the voters.

The Spanish police seized several ballot boxes for a referendum in Terragona and other cities in Catalonia.

The majority of the members of the local Government already voted in the referendum, despite the fact that the central government of Spain is trying in every possible way to disrupt the holding of the referendum. In particular, the police seized the printed ballots on the eve. However, local residents were allowed to come to any work site and even with their own printed bulletins.

The law on the referendum of the Parliament of Catalonia adopted on September 6 this year. But the Constitutional Court of Spain suspended the operation of this law. That is, the result of the referendum, which is to be held, will not be recognized by the official Madrid.

Catalonia has long sought to win wide powers from Madrid. Someone speaks about independence, someone - about broad autonomy. As the polls show, for the independence of Catalonia, less than half of the population advocates, while for autonomy - more than 80% of citizens.

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