European Commission presented a new plan for management of migration flows

  • European Commission presented a new plan for management of migration flows

Brussels: The European Commission today presented a plan on the EU's migration policy, in continuation of the European Migration Program adopted in 2015, which involves the resettlement of 50,000 refugees and the reinforcement of the policy of returning migrants to their homeland. This was reported in the press service of the European Commission.

"Now is the time to take the next steps to achieve a fair, reliable and realistic EU migration policy. Today we propose to create a real operational center for the return of migrants within the European Border and Coast Agency, "said European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopulos.

It is proposed to ensure, as a matter of priority, the resettlement of migrants arriving before September 26, of whom a total of about 37,000 people are trapped.

In addition, the European Commission recommends a new scheme for the resettlement of the EU, according to which over the next two years, no less than 50,000 of the most vulnerable people in need of international protection in Europe will be accepted.

The new scheme will be in effect until October 2019 and will be based on the current resettlement scheme, through which more than 23,000 people were able to settle in the EU.

Also, the policy of returning about 1.5 million migrants from the European Union will be reinforced, since in recent years only about 36% of migrants have returned to their countries.

Recall, the European Court of Justice denied Hungary and Slovakia in a lawsuit to abolish the quota for refugees.

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