Spain expressed concern over referendum of Iraqi Kurdistan

  • Spain expressed concern over referendum of Iraqi Kurdistan

Madrid: Spanish authorities are concerned about the decision of Iraqi Kurdistan to hold a referendum for independence from Iraq.

"This referendum is illegal in accordance with the Iraqi constitution of 2005, which received broad support from the population. Now all the people of Iraq must join forces to defeat ISIS once and for all, to build the country for the benefit of the entire population, "the statement of the Spanish Foreign Ministry said.

As noted, Spain supports a united and democratic Iraq in which all legitimate demands are the object of constructive dialogue in the framework of respect for the Constitution and the integrity of the country.

On Sunday, September 17, the Prime Minister of Iraq announced his readiness to use military force in the event of an upsurge of violence following the upcoming referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Region.

On Friday, September 15, the parliament of Iraqi Kurdistan confirmed the holding of a referendum on September 25 for independence from Iraq.

On Thursday, September 14, Turkey called on the leadership of Iraqi Kurdistan to abandon the holding of a referendum on independence and stressed that otherwise the region will have to "pay dearly".

Kurdistan is divided between four states - Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, does not have certain natural (natural) borders. The creation of Kurdistan as an independent state was stipulated by the terms of the Treaty of Sevres on August 10, 1920, but in practice its conditions were not realized.

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