Turkey threatened Iraqi Kurdistan

  • Turkey threatened Iraqi Kurdistan

Ankara: Turkey called on the leadership of Iraqi Kurdistan to abandon the holding of a referendum on independence and stressed that otherwise the region will have to "pay dearly".

"If the authorities of the Kurdish regional administration of Iraq insist on their approach to the referendum, despite all the friendly advice, they will have to pay the price. In this regard, we urge the Kurdistan Region to abandon the erroneous position, "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey said in a statement.

As noted, Turkey supports the position of the Iraqi parliament, on September 12, speaking out against the independence of Kurdistan and for the territorial integrity of Iraq.

"Turkey wants the settlement of the Iraqi Kurdistan demand for constitutional disputes through dialogue. In this case, Turkey is ready to render all its support in strengthening the relationship between the central government and the Kurdistan region on the basis of the principles of territorial integrity, political unity and mutual benefit, "added the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

On Wednesday, September 13, Israel supported the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan.

On Wednesday, June 7, the Autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan set a date for holding a referendum on the independence of the region on September 25, which the Turkish authorities have already called "a serious mistake." The UN also said that it will not monitor the conduct of the referendum.

On July 25, the European Union issued a statement before the referendum on the independence of the Iraqi region of Kurdistan with strong support for the territorial integrity of the country.

In turn, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq on July 7 stated that the Kurdish communities will spread fear after their referendum on independence.

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