GPU denied RF extradition of a volunteer Gia Tsertsvadze

  • GPU denied RF extradition of a volunteer Gia Tsertsvadze

Kyiv: The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine denied Russia the request for the extradition of Georgian citizen Gia Tsertsvadze. This was reported by attorney Ksenia Prokonova.

"This is the case of a Georgian citizen whose extradition was requested by the Russian Federation. Just this week we received a decision to refuse. Official documents have already been received about this. In practice, this means that we do not extradite a citizen who fought on the side of Ukraine, "Prokonova said.

According to her, there remains a list of countries that Tsertsvadze cannot visit.

"This is due to the fact that they are carrying out all the extradition orders of the Russian Federation, in particular, Egypt and Turkey, but we have set a precedent in this matter and now in most countries of the world Gia can be on absolutely legal grounds. He plans to continue to protect the territorial integrity Ukraine is on our side, "she added.

According to the lawyer, within the next year, a submission will be submitted for obtaining Tsertsvadze Ukrainian citizenship. In January 2017, Tsertsvadze was detained at the airport "Kyiv" by Ukrainian border guards. He was in the database Interpol on the proposal of the Russian Federation. On January 26, he was released from the Lukyanovka SIZO. Also, the GPU was informed that on the instructions of the Kyiv prosecutor's office the temporary arrest of Georgian citizen Tsertsvadze was canceled.

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