Actress Vera Glagoleva died

  • Actress Vera Glagoleva died

Washington: At the age of 61, the famous Russian actress Vera Glagoleva died in the US.

This information was confirmed to the publication of "RIA Novosti" by the girlfriend of actress Lariza Guzeeva. It is noted that the actress fought against cancer for a long time.

Glagoleva was born on January 31, 1956 in Moscow. As a child, her family often moved, so the young actress went to different schools. Immediately after graduation, Glagoleva began to play in the cinema. She played in such films: "On Thursday and Never Again", "Starfall", "Torpedo Bombers", "Broken Light" and many others. Glagoleva also played roles in some Russian TV series.

The actress got to the bases of the "Peacemaker" after a visit to the Crimea annexed by Russia. She also supported the Putin regime in Russia.

During her life Glagoleva received the title of People's Artist of Russia and Honored Artist of Russia.

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