Switzerland has throttled accounts of Russian banker escape

  • Switzerland has throttled accounts of Russian banker escape

Geneva: The Swiss Public Prosecutor's Office lifted the blocking of accounts of Andrei Borodin, who headed the Bank of Moscow and is accused in Russia of multibillion-dollar embezzlement of funds. The Swiss authorities refused to freeze his accounts, citing the fact that the accused cannot expect a fair trial in the Russian Federation.

"In exile, Borodin is comfortable: he has a property in London worth 200 million francs. Other assets, namely more than 300 million francs, are kept in Swiss banks, "the SRF agency said.

It is reported that the Swiss authorities decided to stop cooperation with Russian law enforcement agencies and to unblock Borodin's accounts as early as May 2017. Russia was considered incapable of securing a fair trial, while Borodin was allowed to freely dispose of 300 million francs on accounts in Switzerland.

Interpol in 2016 excluded the ex-head of the Bank of Moscow from the list of persons on international wanted list, having considered that his persecution is conducted for political reasons. Borodin was on the international wanted list and Interpol's database since August 2011. In London he was granted political asylum.

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