Today marks International Day of Left-Handers

  • Today marks International Day of Left-Handers

Kyiv: Today, on August 13, the world celebrates International Lefthand Day.

The holiday was founded on August 13, 1976, by the organization Lefthanders International, but it was widely celebrated since 1992 by the British Lefty Club.

Traditionally, on this day, the left-handers are arranging actions to attract the attention of producers to the account of their position and to produce convenient products for all people. Also, activists are concerned that quite often in schools children are accustomed to writing with the right hand, which can negatively affect the psychological state of children.

According to various sources, about 10% of lefties live in the world. Among the widely known people there were quite a few lefties, in particular, US Presidents George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, as well as Leonardo da Vinci, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Ludwig van Beethoven and many others. 

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