In Odessa was "March of Equality"

  • In Odessa was March of Equality
  • In Odessa was March of Equality

Odessa: The action for the rights of LGBT "March of Equality" under the enhanced protection of policemen took place in the center of Odessa.

"Police officers accompanied the participants of the march, who marched from the Vorontsov Palace to the monument to Duke. In connection with the conduct of other mass events along the route "March of Equality" and in order to avoid conflicts and ensure security for citizens and visitors of the city, law enforcers were forced to change the direction of the action of the protesters in a short time," the police of the Odessa region said.

At the same time, according to the correspondent of Radio Liberty, there were two groups of provocateurs: pro-Russian activists and nationalists.

The police were forced to stop the movement of pride participants for some time due to possible provocations, to which the participants of the Equality March organized a sedentary protest.

After the end of the march, the participants were taken out of the city center by buses.

Also, in Kyiv on June 18, the human rights March of Equality "KyivPride" was held.

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