The international community should influence Russia in the issue of Georgia - expert

  • The international community should influence Russia in the issue of Georgia - expert

Kyiv: The issue of the occupation of Georgia in recent years has become less discussed at the international level. The international community must influence Russia and promote a peaceful settlement of the conflict. The former Georgian ambassador to the Council of Europe Mamuk Zhgenti told it in the comment for Front News International.

"As for the policy of Georgia, today's government should rethink a bit and actively introduce the topic of the need to resolve the situation. Unfortunately, in recent years the topic of the occupied Abkhazia and South Ossetia has fallen out of the daily routine of the international community. The situation in Ukraine is actively discussed by all, there are sanctions because of this. But the Georgian theme in recent years is not as active on the ear, "Zhgenti said.

According to him, every day, Russia's foreign policy is becoming more aggressive.

"Of course, the question of Georgia is on the agenda of the Council of Europe. But at the level of bilateral meetings, for example, the US Secretary of State with Lavrov or at the level of meetings with Russian President Putin, the issue of the occupation of Georgia rises very rarely. The only way for a peaceful settlement is the intervention of the international community, which should influence Russia. This is the key to resolving this issue, "Zhgenti believes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Abkhazia on a working visit on August 8, the ninth anniversary of the beginning of the Russian-Georgian war. His statements with criticism of Putin's visit to occupied Abkhazia were published by the US State Department, NATO, and the European Union. Also, the presidents of Ukraine and Georgia condemned Putin's visit.

As a result of the war, 408 Georgian citizens were killed, including 170 servicemen, 14 MVD employees, and 224 civilians. The number of wounded and injured was 2,232.

Russian troops entered the territory of Georgia, as a result of which Russia occupied about 20% of the territory of Georgia and created on them the unrecognized "republics" of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

More information on the history of the conflict and the prospects for the development of the occupied areas can be found in the material of Front News International "Nine years of occupation. Is the resumption of the Russian-Georgian war possible? "

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