Ana Rucner released Despacito cover-video

  • AnaRucner

    Ana Rucner

Zagreb: Croatian cellist and singer Ana Rucner presented a new music video of her own cover version of the song Despacito by the performers Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee which became the most viewed in the history of Youtube. Since the beginning of the year users have watced video almost three billion times.

Rucner calls her performance as slowly different and sensual version, which is not like the original. Unlike the version of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, Rucner's cover begins with the long and slow instrumental entry of a gentle cello and Latin American guitar and only afterwards does the vocal part start.

Soft muted candle light in several candelabras and rose petals. There is anyone in a frame except Ana and her sequel – a cello. The famous Despacito performed by Rucner sounds tenderly, almost aristocratic, which proves Ana's words about the difference from the original, and the rhythm corresponds to the song's name - Slowly with desire and a frequent pulse.

Read more about Ana Rucner in an interview for Front News International «Music, life and passion of Ana Rucner».

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