Trump: ObamaCare is harming insurance companies

  • Trump ObamaCare is harming insurance companies

Washington: President of the United States of America Donald Trump said that the ObamaCare medical program harms not only ordinary people, but also insurance companies.

"If ObamaCare harms to people why it can not harm the insurance companies, and why Congress does not pay the price that society pays?" - Trump wrote on Twitter.

On Saturday, June 22, representatives of the Republican Party of the United States promulgated a bill aimed at repealing and replacing the ObamaCare health care reform and health insurance.

According to the Congressional Board, less financial assistance in this bill compared to ObamaCare will make contributions inaccessible to many people with low incomes, which will result in the fact that by 2018, not insured Americans will be 15 million more.

Democrats protested against the proposed initiative. In addition, the 44th US President Barack Obama also criticized the bill.

US President Donald Trump expressed support for the Senate bill.

A few weeks ago, US Vice President Mike Pence stated that Americans pay a high price for ObamaCare. He noted that together with the US President they submitted a new version of the medical bill, and called on every member of the Senate to support him. According to him, the new bill on health will provide better and more affordable medical care for Americans.

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