Saakashvili can not be detained in Ukraine

  • Saakashvili can not be detained in Ukraine

Kyiv: Mikheil Saakashvili, the former head of the Odessa Regional State Administration, will not be detained if he comes to Ukraine in the near future. Chairman of the International League for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens of Ukraine Eduard Bagirov told in exclusive comment to Front News International.

"Saakashvili can come to Ukraine. There are no legal restrictions for this now. Employees of the border service of Ukraine have no legal right to prevent Mikheil Saakashvili from coming to Ukraine. Accordingly, through the airport or railway station, he can get to Ukraine and can cross the border. The Ukrainian authorities in such a short time simply could not gather evidence for arguments to ban his entry into the territory of Ukraine", - said the lawyer.

On Wednesday, July 26, MP Igor Mosiychuk said that Saakashvili had been deprived of Ukrainian citizenship. According to the former deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze, Saakashvili was also banned from entering the country.

Later, the issue of deprivation of citizenship of the former Georgian president was confirmed in the Georgian Embassy in Ukraine and the migration service. It is noted that the reason for considering this issue was providing Saakashvili with unreliable information in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

In the Administration of the President of Ukraine Front News International confirmed the signing of the decree on deprivation of citizenship by Petro Poroshenko and noted that this decision was made right now, because the Georgian side provided the necessary documents.

The scandal with deprivation of citizenship of Saakashvili caused a negative reaction in the countries of Europe. In particular, the deputy of the European Parliament Petras Aushtrevicius allowed the possibility of granting political asylum to Lithuania's third president Mikheil Saakashvili. According to the deputy of the Latvian parliament Boris Tsilevitch, the deprivation of the Ukrainian citizenship of Saakashvili is illegal.

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