United States and Japan agreed to combat cyber-threats together

  • United States and Japan agreed to combat cyber-threats together

Washington: United States and Japan have agreed to expand bilateral cooperation in the field of cybersecurity. Joint statement of the two countries, published by the US State Department reported.

"US and Japan, as allies that share the fundamental values ​​of freedom, democracy and human rights, and as advanced states with leading technological capabilities, have recognized that open, reliable and secure cyberspace contributes to global economic, social and political development. Both countries are committed to further strengthening cooperation in this area", - said the statement.

There is also a need to combat the large-scale cyber threats that arise from the actions of individual parties in botnets.

"Japan and the United States recognize that automated large-scale distributed cyber-attacks, for example through botnets, can pose a significant threat to cyberspace. The countries intend to strengthen measures to combat botnets and promote cybersecurity in coordination with stakeholders", - is said in the document.

On the eve of Tokyo held the fifth American-Japanese cyber dialogue.

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