McCain believes that Putin is behind Zakharchenko's statement about creating "Malorossia"

  • McCain believes that Putin is behind Zakharchenkos statement about creating Malorossia

Washington: US Senator John McCain, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said that the statement of the leader of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko about the creation of "Little Russia" is the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

"The desire of Vladimir Putin to restore the Russian empire took another step forward today, when the Russian-backed separatists in the Donetsk region declared an independent state and adopted the name of the tsarist era"Malorossia". Ultimately, Vladimir Putin is ultimately responsible for this flagrant violation of Ukrainian sovereignty, "the statement said on the senator's official website reads.

McCain noted that Zakharchenko's statement violates the Minsk agreements.

"This illegal proclamation of the Russian puppet state in the east of Ukraine is another of the Russian serial violations of the Minsk agreements. Because of its aggressive behavior, Russia has demonstrated that it does not seek peace, "McCain said.

The senator stressed the need to tighten sanctions against Russia.

"It is not enough, for example, to say that the US and EU sanctions imposed after the annexation of the Crimea will remain until Russia fulfills its obligations under the Minsk Agreements. This approach was tested, and it failed. Working together, the United States and our European allies must develop a policy and strategy for escalating the diplomatic, economic and military consequences that will be imposed until Russia fulfills its obligations under the Minsk Agreements, "he added.

Earlier, the State Department of the US commented on Zakharchenko's statement about "Little Russia" as unworthy of attention.

The Russian-backed leader of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko announced the creation of a new "state" called "Malorossia".

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the leaders of the self-proclaimed republics are the puppets of the Kremlin and the project "Novorossia" was buried.

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