Mogherini honored the memory of the victims of the plane crash MN17

  • Mogherini honored the memory of the victims of the plane crash MN17

Kyiv: The European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, made a statement on the occasion of the third anniversary of the air crash of MN17.

"The European Union and its member states express their deepest sympathy and respect for all those who lost their loved ones on July 17, 2014. We reiterate our full support for the work of the Joint Investigative Team and welcome the important progress that has been made in the past year", - said Mogherini in a statement on the European Council website.

The EU representative added that the criminal investigation of the plane crash needs the support of the international community so that those responsible for the tragedy are punished.

Today is the anniversary of the air crash of MH17 flight. Exactly 3 years ago, on July 17, 2014, over the city of Torez, Donetsk region, pro-Russian militants shot down Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines, which resulted in the death of 15 crew members and 283 passengers.

In May, the Joint Investigative Group (JIT) stated that the MH17 investigation had passed to the most difficult stage.

On Wednesday, July 5, the Netherlands made a decision to hold a trial of a shot down MH17 in their country.

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