Entry to Europe for Ukrainians will be paid

  • Entry to Europe for Ukrainians will be paid

Kiev: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs told how the system of paid permits for travel of Ukrainians to the countries of the European Union will work. Such a requirement will become mandatory from 2022 to enter the EU without a visa.

Earlier, the European Travel Authorization Information System (ETIAS) was planned to be introduced in 2021, but for technical reasons it was postponed to 2022. Now the Foreign Ministry is working on the issue of conducting an explanatory campaign with the EU for Ukrainians regarding the functioning of ETIAS.

There is no exact date for the launch of the system yet, but the rules are already known.

“Now the information on the specific date from which it will be necessary to submit an online application for obtaining preliminary permission to travel to the EU member states has not been announced by the European partners,” the Foreign Ministry said.

The system will apply to third-country nationals who enjoy visa-free travel with the EU. These individuals will need to obtain prior travel authorization by submitting an online application.

To obtain permission, a fee of 7 euros must be paid for each request. For children under 18 and people over 70, the procedure is free.

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