Estonian Prime Minister fell into scandal and resigned

  • Estonian Prime Minister fell into scandal and resigned

Tallinn: Leader of the Center Party, Jüri Ratas, announced his resignation from the post of Estonian Prime Minister amid suspicions raised by his party colleagues in a criminal case about the granting of a concessional state loan to Porto Franco. This is reported by the Estonian and European media, in particular ERR.

With a statement that he is leaving the post of head of the country's government, Jüri Ratas spoke to journalists on Wednesday night. He made this decision after a meeting of the Board of the Center Party, which lasted for many hours.

“In politics, to deal with difficult situations, you have to make very difficult choices. In the current situation, based on my values, I decided to resign from the post of Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia. This decision was made after consultations with the board and the faction of the Center Party, as well as with close colleagues. Various solutions seemed possible, but only one of them is correct”, - Ratas stressed.

“The suspicions of the prosecutor’s office made public today do not mean that someone is unambiguously guilty, but they inevitably cast a serious shadow on all those involved. In such a situation, it seems unambiguously correct to retire to provide an opportunity to shed light on all the circumstances and achieve clarity. In conditions of political and public calm. I am convinced that the investigating authorities will carry out their work professionally and impartially, as well as find out the undeniable truth in this case”, - he added.

He also said that with his statement, the current government coalition will cease to exist, and in the morning he will take his resignation letter to the President of Estonia.

Employees of the Estonian Security Police (KaPo) on Tuesday raised suspicions of the centrist party's crime, centrist general secretary Mikhail Korb, adviser to finance minister Kersti Kracht (EKRE), entrepreneur Teder, and two other individuals whose names have not been disclosed.

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