As a result of the fire on the slopes of Vesuvius, two people were killed

  • As a result of the fire on the slopes of Vesuvius two people were killed

Naples: Forest fires on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius led to two victims of farmers from local villages.

Italian media report two dead farmers who tried to extinguish a fire near their farms in the Calabria region. One of them was 69 years old, the second information is being clarified.

In early July, due to a severe drought in the south of Italy, a forest fire broke out on the slopes of Vesuvius. The volcano itself is also active for the first time in 73 years.

His last eruption took place in 1944. For all history, Vesuvius erupted more than 30 times, including in 79 AD, when the ashes were the cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia.

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