Giorgi Pkhakadze: Vaccine of American company Pfizer is most likely financial scam for me

  • Giorgi Pkhakadze Vaccine of American company Pfizer is most likely financial scam for me

Geneva: United Nations Secretary-General Independent Accountability Panel Member Giorgi Pkhakadze stated in the interview with Front News International that vaccine of American company Pfizer is more alike financial scam. 

Moreover, according to him, in fact, Pfizer vaccine is same kind as Russian vaccine. 

,,They’ve just stated that effectiveness equals possibly 95 % but I beg your pardon. When I watched technological information about this vaccine… It’s most likely financial scam for me. They have earned $82 million only on stock market as their shares rose. It means something. If you’re such a good company, why you sell your stock?’’, he said.

Furthermore, Pkhakadze emphasized: ,,There is no information about it from any independent source. The only information we have is from Pfizer itself.’’

,,Most interesting point is that Pfizer gave us same information as entity’s one whom they paid. The company who assesses Pfizer vaccine, doesn’t even say us in which age people can receive this. It’s unclear what and where, everything is so generalized. They write that after testing this vaccine 194 people got infected. But we don’t know how these people were, how they suffered throughout illness. We don’t know this. It’s written clearly that two years are necessary to find out all side effects.’’, he added.

According to WHO, worldwide number of confirmed Covid-19 cases surpassed 55 million.

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