,,Strana’’ agency: Ukrainian PM is infected with Covid-19

  • Strana agency Ukrainian PM is infected with Covid-19

Kyiv: Prime minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal is infected with Covid-19. It’s stated by Building & Construction Forum organizers, ,,Strana’’ reports.

It’s noted that Shmyhal had to attend the event in Hilton hotel but didn’t manage to go due to positive result of Covid-19 test.

,,His absence is explained with corona sickness. At present there is no official comments or confirm of this information’’, ,,Strana’’ states.

Moreover, official spokesperson of PM Olga Kurishko remarked that Denis Shmyhal is fine and doing his job.

Besides that, Shmyhal refused to participate in forum on October 20. 

According to health ministry of Ukraine, in total, 370 417 Covid-19 cases revealed during the pandemic among which 6 868 ended up lethal.

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