256 activists detained in Belarus on October 26

  • 256 activists detained in Belarus on October 26

Minsk: At least 256 activists of mass demonstration were detained by Belarusian law enforcement in various cities in Belarus on Monday, October 26.

According to human rights center ,,Vesna’’ (,,Spring’’), most of detainees are from Minsk and Grodno. Also, detentions also occurred in Brest, Novopolotsk and Borisov.

Besides that, according to ,,Vesna’’, among detainees there were lots of students of top Minsk universities who supported opposition’s calling on nation-wide strike. During several days people lined up so-called solidarity chain, held protest marches.

Mass protests began in Belarus on August 9 – day of presidential vote. It was won by Alexander Lukashenko with 80.1 %, according to the local Central Election Commission.

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